EX CATHEDRA | "truly magical" 5* review of The Traveller concert

“This truly magical concert came as the closing event to a mini-festival exploring an exchange and fusion of South Asian and European musical traditions. Presented by Ex Cathedra as part of Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 Festival, Unending Love Weekenders introduced audiences to stunning performers and performances from both musical traditions, as well as incorporating talks and workshops for adults, children and families in everything from Indian rhythms and traditional songs, to the wonders of Bollywood…

“This concert consisted of works by two astonishing creative talents.  Roxanna Panufnik and Alec Roth are part of what might be described a new musical renaissance in the composition of choral music in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Both composers have local connections to, and commissions from, Ex Cathedra, and both are towering, yet incredibly humble, composers. They represent a kind of new, mostly secular choral music, which is full to the brim of exquisite beauty of melodic and rhythmic line; of shimmering, radiant harmonies, textures and timbres; a true and easy for the listener to follow musico-dramatic/poetic structure.

“In the works performed in this concert there is a perfect melding – or symbiosis if you will – of words and music. Moreover, there is perhaps what all artistic creatives hope for: a true, honest & sincere expression of the human condition – of our lived-experience and human emotions. It is certainly not the first time we, as reviewers, – and many other members of a Panufnik/Roth audience – have been moved to tears. In these composers – and indeed in the texts and authors they choose to set or to collaborate with – there is a real sense of authenticity and of a consummate, deeply felt storytelling.”

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