EX CATHEDRA | "Simply remarkable" 5* review of Messiah

“From a choral and orchestral perspective this was an astonishingly complete reading… The choir were outstanding, producing a sound that was powerful and remarkably rich, but never dark or muddy… The result was exciting…

“The most striking achievement of the performance, however, was conductor Jeffrey Skidmore’s flawless management of the choruses. I have never heard them delivered with such an intelligent use of dynamics and phrasing to bring out the important details. Lines of interest, melodic conversations, and the way the counterpoint is passed around between the voices all shone out, as through illuminated with a travelling spotlight. The result of that is that Handel’s magnificent choral structures became crystal clear.

“Choir and orchestra responded attentively and precisely to his direction with unfailing magnificent results. Maestro Skidmore built tension and dramatic momentum through the whole, so that the final chorus and Amen were at once monumentally climactic, and profoundly cathartic. Simply remarkable.”

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