The Philip Bates Trust aims to advance the education of young people under the age of 25 in the arts by:

  1. The provision of awards to encourage and support their pursuit of creative and artistic achievement.
  2. The provision of financial support to projects or workshops, which aim to develop creative and artistic interests and skills in young people.

The Philip Bates Trust Scholarship is awarded to a senior member of the Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music each term to support their membership.

The current recipients of this award in 2020 are Kirsty Fernie and Jacob Cotgreave.

Kirsty Fernie

Kirsty was awarded the Philip Bates Scholarship in recognition of the outstanding progress she has made in her singing. She has shown enormous courage by stepping forward numerous times to take responsibility for her vocal line, singing the most glorious top G in a rehearsal, much to the amazement of her peers and the whole Senior Upper Voices team, and has continued to make huge leaps in her confidence. Kirstie is a committed member of the choir and is always looking to support her peers and the younger members of the Ex Cathedra family with a smile or a kind word. – Suzzie Vango (Conductor of Senior Upper Voices)

Jacob Cotgreave

I am delighted that Jacob Cotgreave is awarded the Philip Bates Scholarship for this term. Here at the Ex Cathedra Academies, we hold as central not only the musical progress of individuals but also their general development as well-rounded and mature young people. It is a great pleasure to reflect that Jacob has exceeded in both of these areas. As a singer, his voice is developing and improving on an almost weekly basis, his wonderful bass voice gaining in resonance and quality with every rehearsal. Just as pleasingly, Jacob has become a leader within the Senior Lower Voices – someone who is ready to sing out, be proactive, develop his sight reading, and set an example for the other choir members. It is a joy to have Jacob with us in the Academies family and I know he will continue to go from strength to strength. – Ruairi Edwards (Conductor of Senior Lower Voices)