EX CATHEDRA | Jeffrey Skidmore interview with Christopher Morley

As we prepare to open our new season with Beethoven’s Funeral & Mozart’s Requiem, Jeffrey was interviewed by Christopher Morley for the Birmingham Post and the Midlands Music Reviews website.

Read an excerpt here and find the link to the full interview below:

“It’s been wonderful returning to performing live! Okay, we did plenty of filmed events during lockdown, but you can’t beat singing to an audience actually there in front of you.”

Ex Cathedra director Jeffrey Skidmore is enthusing about the way his crack chamber choir is launching its new season, already with concerts at festivals in Chipping Campden and Leamington under its belt, performed to huge acclaim.

They come home to Birmingham on Sunday October 17, bringing a programme evoking Beethoven’s funeral, and featuring his three Equali for four trombones (transcribed for four male voices at that huge event in 1827) and Mozart’s Requiem. What a difference in obsequies that was, Beethoven’s idol perishing in poverty, the whole city turning out to bury its notorious adopted son.

“The whole concert is an act of remembrance for many reasons,” says Jeffrey, “and it will be dedicated to the memory of Sir Graham Vick, artistic director of the Birmingham Opera Company.”

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