Dr Edward Caine is a composer, conductor and pianist who has worked with Jeffrey as Research Assistant for the last 3 years. We asked him to recommend some further listening based on the pieces in our A musical Summer Holiday film. We hope you find something new to enjoy.

Here is his fifth selection of pieces, connected to Parry’s Sunset and Evening Star that we included.

Edd writes…

1. Roger Quilter, Now sleeps the crimson petal

Many composers have set poetry Alfred, Lord Tennyson, author of the poem Sunset and Evening Star. This is a particularly beautiful setting of another poem Now sleeps the crimson petal.

2. David Bedford, Twelve Hours of Sunset

This wonderful piece of music has been the source of much inspiration to me. It is based on the text from a song by Roy Harper that details the experience of travelling west in an aeroplane in the evening. This gives the impression of sunset standing still, floating in suspension. It also draws inspiration from a scene in “Song of Summer”, a film by Ken Russell, in which composer Delius is taken up a mountain to try and catch a final glimpse of the sun before going blind.