EX CATHEDRA | Christmas Music by Candlelight update 2020

Following the change in rules for Tier 3 areas and the announcement of the Tier allocations today we are sorry that we are now unable to put on sale most of the concerts we had planned for December. We will go ahead with the concerts in Tier 2 areas and will announce these on Friday 27 November, with the tickets going on sale on Monday 30 November at 10am.

We are very sorry for all of you who might have attended if we were allowed to go ahead. We are working on alternative plans and will have some better news to share in the coming days.

You can read the West Midlands Culture Response Unit’s open letter to local MPs here.

In the meantime, please do book and enjoy our online concert “Ex Cathedra: Our First Love” recorded live at the CBSO Centre this week.

And you can find details of the Christmas Music by Candlelight concerts we are able to announce here.