EX CATHEDRA | ChoirMaker wins award for Outstanding Music Education Resource

Ex Cathedra is absolutely thrilled to have won the Outstanding Music Education Resource category at the 2024 Music & Drama Education Awards.

Our ChoirMaker programme was created with the aim of enabling and inspiring Key Stage 3 teachers and pupils to establish and develop a thriving school choir.

It supports secondary schools who want to build a culture of singing. With the click of a button they can have our team of vocal tutors, instrumentalists and conductors in their classroom.

Designed for Year 7, ChoirMaker takes teachers and students through a carefully designed set of 10 online chapters, with each chapter being based on one song. Alongside the music notation, there is a range of audio-visual resources. Some resources are for teachers, to aid them as the choir leader. Most are aimed at the students and include demo performances, demonstrations of voice parts, warm-ups, and a range of interactive activities such as exploring call and response, or showing students how to add percussion. There are extension activities and further performances to inspire you, and schools are able to progress through the chapters at a speed that suits them.

It costs just £100 per school. Find out more at: https://www.singingschools.co.uk/choirmaker/

ChoirMaker was possible thanks to the generous support of the Clive Richards Foundation, the Genesis Foundation, and our partners at Birmingham Music Education Partnership. We are very grateful to them.