EX CATHEDRA | Amrit Sohal - french horn

From our ‘Unending Love’ programme 2022

Amrit Sohal is a recent graduate of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where she studied performance with a specialism in the French Horn. With a passion for creating an inclusive environment within music education, during her time at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Amrit created Motherland Music where she runs workshops based on composers from ethnic minority backgrounds, and continues on with this work, as well as teaching brass with the local music service. She strongly believes in the importance of using music within the community, and has volunteered and worked with organisations such as BCMG, and many others. She also plays with musicians and ensembles across Birmingham spanning a variety of genres.

Outside of music, you can often find Amrit baking.

1. How did you become involved with Ex Cathedra and with this specific project?

I was in my final year of studying at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and as part of one of my modules we do what is called a final project where we can choose what project we’d like to pursue. I chose to do an education-based project, and went along to one of Ex Cathedra’s workshops that was run by Rebecca Ledgard. We started chatting about my project, and she put me in touch with Peter which is how I got involved!

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

As I teach brass instruments in schools across Birmingham, a typical day for me includes teaching brass instruments in whole class, group and one to one settings. I have also found meditation to be a really great way to start off my day, so I’ve been trying my best to take the time in the morning to do a quick meditation so I don’t instantly start rushing around!

3. Tell us something you are especially looking forward to/excited about in this programme?

I’m really looking forward to the family day, not only to deliver the workshop I will be leading, but to also see the other amazing workshops on offer. In terms of performances across the weekends, I’m especially excited to see Ensemble Tempus Fugit’s performance of Calcutta because I love the fusion of visual arts with music and think it’s going to be an incredible performance.

4. What’s your musical “guilty secret”?

My musical guilty secret is that I really enjoy DJ Casper’s ‘Cha Cha Slide’, maybe because it reminds me of my childhood and school discos, but if I ever hear it playing, I’m definitely up ready to dance!