EX CATHEDRA | Empowering talented young singers of the future - Big Give appeal 2022

The situation

The choral sector needs more young professionals from a wider range of backgrounds. The first years as a freelancer are financially difficult. Prospective singers, especially from low income families, are lost to the profession. Singers graduating from university rarely have the choral skills and musicianship to compete with established professionals and with those few who had a choral education as children. Many groups are under-represented with few role models to inspire the next generation.


Our Graduate Scholars programme will nurture new talent through amazing opportunities & financial support, bridging the student-to-professional gap, launching singers from a wider range of backgrounds into the profession.

Our Scholars will be embedded with Ex Cathedra for a year, taking part in rehearsals, concerts and our education & participation projects, as they develop their skills and establish their careers.

Building on our award-winning schools projects, including our new ChoirMaker project for secondary schools, our Scholars will be ambassadors for singing: demystifying the training journey and providing a look behind the scenes of their budding careers, inspiring the next generation of talented young singers to reach their potential!

Being a professional choral singer is such a unique vocation, with no real guide book on how to go about your work. Training with Ex Cathedra is that guide book which every young singer wants – lessons in how to be a professional in a safe, supportive environment.” (Ellie Sperling, 2018-19 Scholar)

How you can help

We urgently need funds to deliver our Scholarship scheme next season. This is funding that goes to the Scholars themselves as a guaranteed income in that critical first year whilst they establish their career. The concerts and the schools projects are in place.

We have secured pledges from several generous donors, and we now need your help to draw down those pledges. It means that for every £1 you donate, Ex Cathedra will receive £2 towards the scheme.

Please help if you can.

Donations must be made via this link – the Big Give webpage for our campaign – and MUST be made between midday on Tuesday 29 November (Giving Tuesday) and midday on Tuesday 6 December.

Thank you very much. Your support now will help transform the choral sector over the coming years, ensuring it is fairer and more relevant to more people.