EX CATHEDRA | Code of Conduct: Education & Participation team

Keeping our People Safe

Code of Conduct for our Education Team, including Artistic Director, vocal tutors, accompanists and percussionists, Education admin staff and chaperones.

Ex Cathedra runs a range of participation, performance, learning activities and projects for people of all ages in a variety of settings including in concert halls and various performance spaces, in playgrounds, classrooms, on hospital wards and at hospital bedsides. The activities are run with varying group sizes, including for individuals, of all ages and capabilities and needs. This activity is Regulated Activity.

Ex Cathedra is committed to the safeguarding and the care of children (up to 18 years) and vulnerable adults for which it has responsibility and with which it comes in to contact as part of its work. Ex Cathedra also recognises that all children, young people and vulnerable adults involved in its work have a right to be protected from harm. To ensure the execution of these responsibilities, Ex Cathedra has a robust, board approved, safeguarding policy that is regularly reviewed. We are proud of the professionalism of our team.

This code of conduct, which forms part of Ex Cathedra’s Safeguarding Policy, outlines the code of conduct expected of our Education team – including our Artistic Director, Director of Education, administration staff, chaperones, vocal tutors and instrumentalists. This includes those who are freelance, those who are salaried and volunteers. This document has been informed by the children in our organisation. Following this code will help to keep children safe and protect children from abuse and inappropriate behaviour from adults. It will also help our adults to maintain the standard of behaviour expected of them and will reduce the possibility of unfounded accusations of abuse being made against them.

All adults in our team are expected to report any breaches of this code to Rebecca Ledgard (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Gemma King (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead), Peter Trethewey (General Manager) or to the Trustee named below. Our children (members of our Academy of Vocal Music) know who to talk to if they do not feel safe. This includes designated chaperones, Education and Participation Manager, Programme Assistant and vocal tutors on site. These people wear a Green Lanyard around their neck showing their ID card. For children present with their school this will be their teachers.

Adults who breach this code of conduct may be subject to disciplinary procedures or be asked to leave. Serious breaches may result in a referral to a statutory agency such as the local authority children’s social services.

When working with children and vulnerable adults it is important that all adults adhere to the following statements. The list below has been developed by the children in our Academies.

Adults will:

  • Keep us safe, and if there is something that is dangerous or a problem, they will stop it or try to solve it;
  • Demonstrate that they understand us and our needs;
  • Set a good example, are nice, kind, to be trusted and respect us;
  • Challenge and inspire us, and have high and reasonable expectations of us;
  • Listen to us, our needs and our opinions;
  • Support us in our singing;
  • Be appropriately behaved; and
  • Help us.

Furthermore, Ex Cathedra expects you to be:

  • Professional;
  • Respectful;
  • Kind;
  • Encouraging;
  • Supportive;
  • Patient; and
  • To use people’s names.

Ex Cathedra informs you that you must not:

  • Be alone with a child or vulnerable adult, unless carrying out chaperoning duties or teaching one-to-one when directed as part of AVM weekly activities, with door open and chaperone outside
  • Use inappropriate language;
  • Behave inappropriately;
  • Develop inappropriate relationships with children or vulnerable adults that are outside the scope of the organisation’s duties;
  • Conduct a sexual relationship with a child or vulnerable adult or have any form of sexual contact with a child or vulnerable adult;
  • Enter children’s and vulnerable adults’ dressing rooms (concerts) unless required to do so as part of your duties;
  • Exchange contact details, including addresses, telephone and mobile phone numbers, emails or link up on social media.
  • Refer to a participant on social media unless given permission to do so.

You must:

  • Follow our safeguarding policy;
  • Wear Ex Cathedra ID if you are a freelance Education & Participation team member or member of staff;
  • Wear appropriate clothing and adhere to any given dress code;
  • Follow procedures for making disclosures or matters of concern;
  • Respect and follow confidentiality practice;
  • Where a green lanyard when asked to as part of your duties.

Ex Cathedra advises:

It is important as a freelance musician working in arts education and participation to consider your personal online reputation and whether your past, current or future digital presence could be deemed to ‘bring the profession into disrepute’, which could lead to disciplinary proceedings. Some things are not acceptable for someone in this role to share online; some are acceptable if private, but private images quickly become public online, so it is important to audit your online presence and privacy settings.

If you search for yourself online (using a search engine in a private browser tab which is not logged-in), what can anybody see? Are there any posts or images that could cause offence or embarrassment to you or Ex Cathedra?

You must never post any image or any information about one of our participants unless you have been directed to by Ex Cathedra, at which point the permission will have been given by the participant / carer, guardian. 

Food and drink: Please take care with regard to hot drinks when children and vulnerable adults are present. On specific occasions we may ask you to not bring nut products into a space to keep those with a nut allergy safe.

The children in our Academy of Vocal Music see themselves, in their words, as a linked team – a big family of singers who like to sing together, with a good bond. They want to have fun and they always aim to enjoy themselves together. They want to do their best.

They agree to the following statements, given in their own words which we all must adhere to.

We are:

  • Mature, professional and well behaved;
  • Kind and helpful to each other;
  • Trustworthy;
  • Loyal;
  • Friendly to others, positive and nice;
  • Courageous, we persevere, and we try to do better;
  • Considerate and supportive of each other, and we listen to one another;
  • Creative;
  • Inclusive and accepting of everyone, with no one ever left out; and
  • Respectful of each other.

Some of our work, particularly in school and hospital settings needs extra care with regards to conduct. Some of our work involves engaging children in singing play and enabling them to play together. Within play and many of our games there is often contact between people. You must only encourage and use touch that is required and appropriate in the game and activities.

Latest review: March 2023

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Rebecca Ledgard, rebecca@excathedra.co.uk 07377 437 502

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Gemma King, gemma@excathedra.co.uk 07985 646 921

General Manager, Peter Trethewey, peter@excathedra.co.uk

Trustee with designated responsibility for Safeguarding, John Clemson johnfclemson@hotmail.com