EX CATHEDRA | Singing Medicine: Long Covid Recovery Support

Ex Cathedra’s Singing Medicine team is working in partnership with Birmingham and Solihull NHS Foundation to provide this Long Covid Recovery Singing Programme.

See our YouTube Playlist for the full programme of interactive films.

Singing has been shown to increase feelings of wellbeing. Research has shown that the brain is stimulated, oxytocin (feel-good hormone) is released, cortisol (feelings of stress and isolation) are reduced, the body releases its natural opioids (pain reduction) and the breathing techniques associated with singing aids healing and fights infection.

Singing with others has been restricted during the pandemic. However, singing in your own home is a safe activity as long as you no longer have Covid and no-one else in your home has Covid. Please only follow this programme when cleared by your doctor to do so and if at any point you have any concerns about how you are feeling please contact your GP. Please do not over exert yourself. Only do what is comfortable to do.

We have created this programme of interactive singing films to support and increase your feelings of wellbeing. Follow our lead as we gently guide you through. Although we offer a progression route, do make it your own, set your own pace for your own energy levels and preferences. Set aside a few minutes each day for your singing. The films gradually progress in the level of energy required from you, but if you want to complete the programme in 10 weeks, you will spend 3 days on each film.  As your stamina builds you may want to sing for longer than a few minutes each day, adding in favourites as well. The most important thing is to enjoy the singing.

Day 7, 8 and 9 – Over My Head – Gentle

Find more films on our Long Covid Recovery YouTube Playlist

This programme was devised, performed and presented by members of Ex Cathedra’s education and participation team: Ruairi Edwards, Simon King, Gemma King, Rebecca Ledgard, Helena Raeburn and Sally Spencer.  Audio was recorded and mixed by VADA Recording Studios. Visuals were filmed at Vada Studios and edited by Simon Peter King. All Covid secure measures were in place throughout the creation of these films.

Days 31,32 and 33 – Activating your support muscles

Find more films on our Long Covid Recovery YouTube Playlist