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Singing Connections

Supporting learning in numeracy and literacy through singing play

From a project offer of teacher training, big-sing workshops, school lessons, and a new resource featuring many new songs composed by Ex Cathedra’s Education Team, Singing Connections is designed to enable KS1 & KS2 teachers to put singing at the heart of classroom learning.

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Singing Connections aims to:

Enable classroom teachers to use singing games and creative singing activities to support learning and development in numeracy and literacy in the classroom;

Through singing play develop vocal skills and musicianship, personal and social skills, and community cohesion.

The songs and singing games can be used to develop:-

  • – Vocal skills, musicianship and choral singing
  • – Personal and social skills
  • – Learning in numeracy and literacy
  • – Creative thinking
  • – Solo voice
  • – Listening
  • – Reflection
  • – Decision making

Singing Connections activities can be used as part of a lesson, or to build an entire lesson from scratch.

How it works

Partners may build a Singing Connections project from the project offer of:

  • 1. Teacher training sessions for whole school staff or staff from several schools at a central venue;
  • 2. Big-sing sessions for children from several schools together;
  • 3. Classroom visits;
  • 4. Singing Book plus CD


Purchase Singing Connections

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£20 per resource (book & CD)

For more information on ordering Singing Connections resources, or to discuss booking workshops from the Ex Cathedra Education Team, please contact Hazel Tyrrell: 0121 616 3412,

mick watersWhat they say

“To improve standards in literacy we need to excite children in sounds, words, rhythm and rhyme, and it’s all here”  Prof. Mick Waters


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