EX CATHEDRA | Academy of Vocal Music: Recruiting Now!

Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music are recruiting new members to all of the choirs.

To request more information and our membership pack, please contact Gemma by emailing: education@excathedra.co.uk

Children’s Academies 1,2 and 3 (Toddlers to school year 4)

Junior Academy 1 (School years 3 – 5)

Junior Academy 2 (School years 6 – 8)

Senior Upper Voices (School years 9 and over)

Senior Lower Voices (School years 8 and over) – including support for changing voices

Our Academies are led by:

Rebecca Ledgard (Children’s Academy 3 and Junior Academies 1 and 2)

Sally Spencer (Children’s Academies 1 and 2)

Suzzie Vango (Senior Upper Voices)

Ruairi Edwards (Senior Lower Voices)

Rob Challinor (Principal accompanist)

Music used in this video is composed by Ruairi Edwards and performed by the Ex Cathedra Academies of Vocal Music.