Music for Marie Fel London Festival of Baroque Music

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Saturday, 16 May 2015 7:00pm

Ex Cathedra
Carolyn Sampson soprano
Jeffrey Skidmore conductor
Matt Barber narrator


Michel-Richard de Lalande – Symphonie; Te Deum laudamus; Tu rex gloriae; Tu ad liberandum suscepturus hominem (from Te Deum)
Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville – Gasouillats auzeléts (from Daphnis et Alcimadure)
Joseph-Hector Fiocco – Laudate pueri Dominum
Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Salve regina
Jean-Joseph Cassanéa de Mondonville – Venite adoremus (from Venite exultemus)
Jean-Philippe Rameau – Scene for La Folie (from Platée)
Louis Lacoste – Ah! quand reviendront nos beaux jours? (from Philomèle)
Michel-Richard de Lalande – Regna terrae (from Exurgat Deus)
Jean-Philippe Rameau – Un tendre intérêt … Tristes apprêts (from Castor et Pollux)
Jean-Philippe Rameau – Amour, amour, lance tes traits (from Platée)
Jean-Joseph Mouret – Jeunes Époux (from Epitalame or L’Amour et l’Hymen)
Jean-Philippe Rameau – La lyre enchantée: scenes 3, 5 & 6 (from Les surprises de l’Amour)
Michel-Richard de Lalande – Viderunt omnes; Gloria (from Cantate Domino)


We’re thrilled to visit the London Festival of Baroque Music to perform music for Marie Fel as part of the festival’s ‘Women in Baroque Music’. Marie Fel was the ‘adorable nightingale’ who held Parisian audiences spellbound during one of the most glorious periods in French music history and inspired the greatest composers of the day, and she is celebrated by a favourite modern-day nightingale in works by Rameau, Lalande, Mondonville and others.


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