‘gloriously sunny music, characterised by dance like rhythms and infectious melody’ – review

‘Building on previous explorations of South American Baroque Music, Ex Cathedra now bring us a fascinating insight into Brazilian Music mainly from the late 18th and early 19th Centuries.

‘This is music which sounds familiar but with a novel, eclectic twist. We start with Matais de Inc├¬ndios by Lesbio, a piece from the late 17th C , although with a dance like, percussive accompaniment and spare harmonies, it could almost be medieval. Next an orchestral introduction involving two baroque flutes and a chamber organ which combine to create a reedy texture reminiscent of panpipes. This is music in the Classical style, but not as we know it. Then, within a moment, we are in the opera house listening to a soprano singing coloratura against a chorus of men in what could almost be an extract from a Rossini Opera.’

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