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Singing Playgrounds™

Developing teamwork and leadership through singing play

Singing Playgrounds combines training for teachers, leadership training for children, and comprehensive resources and activities for every member of the primary school community. Since its creation in 2004 by Rebecca Ledgard and Ula Weber, Singing Playgrounds has become a highly regarded and sought-after project across the UK and internationally.

To date the project has been delivered in over 600 primary schools across the UK and has travelled to Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Belgium and China. Numerous training events and conference presentations for teachers, singing leaders and students have taken place complementing the work of the project. Many Singing Playgrounds celebrations and performances have taken place, and highlights include 2000 children in a park, the Royal Albert Hall, and at a global inaugural summit in front of Desmond Tutu.

We aim to make a difference to school communities and individual children within them. Project highlights include school children teaching local children in the Borneo jungle their singing games, an 8 year old little girl

who was an elective mute playing with children in the school playground for the first time, and a child writing, “…More than he has ever written at school!” (teacher) in a Song Leader training activity. Head teachers have described the project as “transformational”, and one teacher remarked how “a school without Singing Playgrounds is a school without a soul”.

Singing Playgrounds aims to:

Develop teamwork and leadership;

Bring children together across communities through singing play;

Implement a full and inclusive, fun programme of singing activities for the whole primary school community;

Raise the quality of singing, through developing the vocal skills and musicianship of all participants;

Train a member of staff to implement the programme.

How it works

Each school nominates 30 KS2 (or Yr2 if an infant school) as Song Leaders and one teacher to coordinate the project and enable the children in their role.

Projects are devised for partners’ needs from the five elements of Singing Playgrounds:

1. School Staff Introductory and Training Session
2. Song Leader Training Day
3. School Visit
4. Resource Set
5. Celebration Event

Build your Singing Playgrounds project

Singing Playgrounds resources

Music Education Hubs
Singing Playgrounds builds a singing culture across a cluster of schools, and we offer flexible packages of activity, resources and CPD.

We can offer you a tailored package of activity, resources and CPD to build the singing culture in your school, or across a cluster of schools.

For more information on building your Singing Playgrounds project, please contact Hazel Tyrrell: 0121 616 3412, hazel@excathedra.co.uk

What they say

“The Singing Playgrounds Programme has been a bit of a revelation for me as a tone-deaf, non-musical Head Teacher. It really has opened my eyes to the value and contribution music can play to the all-round development of a child. The list of positives from this project cannot be underestimated and cover many of the elements of the Every Child Matters agenda.”  Richard Lee, Head teacher at Barford Primary School, Birmingham

In 21 years it was the most inspiring singing event that I have attended and it was a very stimulating experience for all the children.”  Karen Kennedy, Head teacher, Birmingham

“Singing Playgrounds is brilliant. I wish I could wave a wand and have it magically appear in every primary school in the country now.”  Howard Goodall CBE, National Singing Ambassador, 2007-11

“It’s as though you are sprinkling gold dust across the country”  Margaret Griffiths, Sing Up Evaluator and ex HM Inspector for Music

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Singing Playgrounds won of Best Musical Initiative, Music Teacher magazine, 2014, and was listed as one of the top choral initiatives in the world by Koor & Stem, 2013.


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